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Order Forms - Industrial Labels & Tags

Industrial Labels & Tags  Order Form v1.1 (.xlsm)  (All-In-One)

All our industrial label order forms bundled into one neat single form.

On the “Home” tab, simply click the button for the form you require (note: macros must be enabled). A copy of the form will be added as a new tab in the document.

Tip: Add the forms you need and prefill with your common label/tag sizes and colours. Save the file as a your own company standard template for future use.


Industrial labels order form 1.1

> Traffolyte Labels Order Form v1.0 (.xlsx)

A single-page order form for engraved 2-ply acrylic (traffolyte) labels. Enter the label quantity and dimensions, select a material colour, add mounting holes, enter lines of text for engraving and custom formatting for each one.

Traffolyte labels order form

> Panel Label Strips Order Form v1.0 (.xlsx)

An order form for continuous length label strips for switchboard panels. Simply select the material colour and enter the text and length of each section of the label.

Panel labels order form

> Stainless Steel Cable Tags Order Form v1.0 (.xlsx) 

A simple order form for our Stainless Steel Cable tag markers. Choose from the range of tag sizes and enter a list of text to be fiber laser etched on each tag.

Cable markers order form

> OT Vinyl Labels Order Form v1.0 (.xlsx) 

This order form is specifically for Yellow Vinyl Wrap-around Cable Labels. These thermal-printed self-adhesive labels are made for durable outdoor use as cable and conduit labelling. They are used extensively in 5G mobile tower installations.

Vinyl labels order form

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